Just Listed!

The “Big House” went up on the market a few days ago. We’ve only had one showing so far, but we’re trying to be optimistic. We priced it a little below market value, so we were expecting more traffic. But I keep telling myself it hasn’t even been a week yet… It’s only been 4 days! Maybe this whole adventure will finally be the thing to teach me some patience. The right buyer will come along eventually.

I don’t have very many pictures of the house, since we were only there a little over four years. So I’m posting the ones from our listing here, for memories. They’re much prettier than any pictures I could have taken anyway.

Front of the house
Dining room
Living room
View from the kitchen looking into the living room
Laundry closet
Shared bedroom of Offspring #3 & 4
Hall bathroom (and shared bathroom of Offspring #3 & 4)

And now we make our way upstairs…

Game room
Media room (And the only room of the house that got painted!)
Offspring #1 bedroom
Offspring #1 bathroom
Offspring #2 bedroom
Offspring #2 bathroom
Playroom (5th bedroom that never got used)
Back patio

It’s funny… My biggest worry was that we would miss the Big House and all its space, but we’ve been back several times now and it just feels empty and cold. Already it doesn’t feel like our home. I really hope we are able to sell so we can move on to SMALLER and better things. Bigger may be better for some families, but downsizing is definitely the right move for us.