Meet the Family

Well, it’s been 10 days since the house went on the market. We’ve had several more showings and some positive feedback, but still no offers. Since there’s no real news to report I figured I’d introduce the rest of my family. They have each come up with their own nicknames and written a short introduction all by themselves! (Except for the youngest, of course. He spoke, I wrote.)

Offspring #1 (Rory, age 16):

“I would describe myself as an introverted book nerd. The most important thing to me is my family and friends. I’m going to (hopefully) be a midwife when I’m older. For now, I’m a babysitter. I really enjoy watching YouTube videos, reading, baking, and doing any kind of craft project. I also LOVE snakes and spiders. (Strange, I know.) When we move I’m going to get my own pet corn snake! I really can’t wait.”


Offspring #2 (Sparrow, age 11):

“I am an artist and an animal lover. I enjoy exploring the outdoors and experiencing the wildlife. I really like to play sports and learn new things. I love hanging out with my friends, but I am equally happy sitting in a quiet corner drawing. Whenever I get older, I either want to be a drummer or a digital artist. Or both! I am inspired by music and anything that has to do with space.”


Offspring #3 (Space Baby, age 8):

“I am always full of energy and very happy! I like to smile every day. My favorite thing to do is GIVE HUGS! I love playing games with people, especially on the Xbox. My favorite game is Minecraft. One day I want to have a big pond with lots and lots of fish. My dream is to be a famous YouTuber.”


Offspring #4 (Yoshi, age 5):

“Hi! I’m Yoshi. I am happy. (Mommy, I’m gonna make a smiley face. I know how to make a smiley face.) 😀 I like to play Plants vs. Zombies Number 1 with Space Baby. My favorite thing to do is play Geometry Dash. When I grow up, I want to be 14 and play Geometry Dash a lot.”



Besides some issues with Yoshi’s allergies (and my hubby’s stubbornness), we’re all adjusting to the move quite nicely. I have to give credit to my in-laws for making this such a smooth transition. It’s definitely a huge change – moving to a place with less than half the square footage we’re used to (and two extra people), the kids having to share rooms, and all of us sharing one bathroom (although this has not been as scary as I originally thought it would be). In my next post, I’ll share pics & tips for how we’re making it work.