The Search, Part 2 (2014)

pr 11, 2014

After my long break, I have finally decided to start searching again. Last month, I received a call from the county that my adoption records have FINALLY been found!!! I’m ready for some answers! This coming Monday is the Big Day! As you can imagine, I am incredibly nervous. I have no idea how much and what kind of information I will be given.


Apr 14, 2014

This morning, my sister-in-law and sweet niece came over to play with the kiddos while I was gone. And a dear friend came by to drive me to the juvenile justice center, where the adoption records are kept. After a few more questions and LOTS of digging, the clerk finally found my file. It was much smaller than I expected, and it didn’t have a lot of new information. However, it did have something I’ve been wanting my whole life – my first parents’ names. Some of the information doesn’t look accurate, especially the birthdates. The date listed for my mother does not match the one on the hospital records, and the birth year listed for my father is definitely wrong. (Unless he really was born the same year I was. That certainly would be newsworthy.) It makes me wonder about the accuracy of the rest of the information.

Right before I left, the clerk asked me if I received my original birth certificate yet. I have requested it twice already. The first time, I got a big fat NO. The second time was in October 2013, and I still have not heard anything back. When I told her this, she just gave me a knowing smile, nodded her head, and said she wasn’t surprised. I guess I might have to give up on that one.

I made up a new Facebook poster with the updated information. Hopefully I hear something soon.


Apr 17, 2014

I found my biological father! Well, I found the man who signed away his parental rights so I could be adopted. I can’t be 100% sure he’s my biological father until we get the DNA test results back. I’m really hoping he is though. It would be a dream come true for me.


Apr 22, 2014

As I was just about to lay down for a nap, my phone rang.

It was one of the volunteers who had been helping me with my search. I could hear the excitement in her voice as she practically shouted at me, “Jess, I’ve been talking to your sister, Lori! She wants to meet you! We found them! We found your birth family!”

I can’t remember the rest of the conversation. I’m pretty sure I made her repeat herself several times, and I might have mumbled a few non-words. Eventually, it sunk in. We found my birth mother. And all my siblings! Unfortunately, I had laryngitis, so I couldn’t talk long. After I hung up, I immediately got on Facebook. My sister had already sent me a message.

As soon as I saw her picture, I knew she had to be my sister. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to say. Honestly, I just wanted to reach through the iPad and hug her. I asked her about our family, and we started chatting. I also got to talk with my sister-in-law Jamie. I found out I have a big sister, big brother, sister-in-law, little brother, five nephews, and a niece! So incredible. I couldn’t stop looking at pictures, reading comments, messages, and posts. So many new family members!

I can’t believe how lucky I was all over again – I found out my birth mother has always loved me & thought about me, that my siblings are all together, they all knew about me, they all care about me & want to meet me, and all live relatively close to me… It’s more than I ever dared hope for. It feels like a dream!

I was so excited to meet them all, I couldn’t wait. Eventually we decided Saturday, April 19 would be the day. It couldn’t come soon enough.


UPDATE: May 2014

After finding out the man named on my birth certificate is, in fact, NOT my biological father, it seems my search has his a road block. My mother has no further information to give me. I am not ready to give up my search, but I have no idea how to continue. The journey isn’t over, but for now it seems it’s on hold.